Round 9 Is Nearing the End

We are in the third month of the challenge, which means Round 9 is nearing the end. Don’t forget, you have until midnight CST on November 30 to finish your work, post it online, and submit the link to us. There is still plenty of time to write, so get those fingers working!

Round 9 Update

October is here, which means the second month of the challenge is upon us! If you’ve tackled eight of your prompts, you are on schedule to complete the challenge by the end of November. If you haven’t started, that’s okay too! There is still plenty of time, so get writing.

Don’t forget to submit the link to your work once it’s complete. So far only one person has completed the challenge.

How do you feel about the prompts this round? Do you like having a central character? Do you wish you’d chosen someone else? Leave a comment below letting us know your thoughts!

Round 9 Submissions are Open

The submission form for Round 9 is now open!

Round 9 Begins

Sign ups are closed, and Round 9 has officially begun!

View a list of participants and the central characters they chose here: Round 9 Participants

View the prompts here: Round 9 Prompts

Happy writing, everyone! You have until November 30, 2014 to complete the challenge. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #Twi25 when promoting your work.

Sign Up for Round 9 Now!

It’s time for Round 9 of The Twilight 25! Sign up anytime between now and August 31. Prompts will be revealed on September 1. This round will be featuring a central character. Please read the Round 9 overview and the rules before signing up.

Round 8 Banners


The banners for those who completed Round 8 of the challenge are now complete! I am so sorry that it took almost 6 months to get them to you. It won’t happen again. *pinky swear*

The fabulous Deebelle1 was kind enough to make these banners on a very short notice, and they turned out fantastic. She’s a sweet girl and makes pretty things. You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and FFn.

The banners can all be found on her Photobucket page. If you have trouble locating yours, let us know right away.

Thanks for your patience! Stay tuned for information about Round 9!

Practice Prompt

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope you had a good holiday season, and we wish you the best in 2014.

If you’ve put off writing because of family events or one too many eggnogs (or alcoholic beverages), it’s time to get your head back in the game. Here’s a New Year’s Eve themed photo. Write us a drabble (exactly 100 words) in the comments below.


Round 8 Summary

Round 8 has come to a close. We hope everyone was able to challenge themselves, whether by writing about different characters, pairings, or situations, using different tenses or POVs, or even by procrastinating and writing all 25 prompts on the last day. No matter your reasoning for participating in the challenge, we hope you had fun most of all.

Of the 68 authors who signed up for Round 8, 35 completed the challenge. While that may not seem like a lot, it’s more than half, and that’s actually pretty good! Those of you who wrote all 25 prompts and submitted the link by the deadline will receive a banner made by ms. ambrosia from FicPics. She’s done a great job on the last few rounds, and we’re excited to see what she has up her sleeve for this one.

Whether or not you finished the challenge, be proud of what you accomplished. You’re a better writer because of it. Set a new goal, and try again next time.

A lot of people were involved in making this round a success. Thank you so much to all the pimpers and validators who helped us out: dcurley_1, EveryDayBella, Fiyaaa, Indie Rayne, Julie Durden, Love M Go Blue, Missus T, and Twilly. It was a pleasure working with all of you.

As always, we want your feedback, as well as suggestions for future challenges. How did you feel about the prompts? Flashfic? Site, Facebook, and Twitter posts? General challenge operation? Please let us know what we did right and how we can improve.

Stay tuned for the banner reveal later this month. Information regarding Round 9 will be available sometime after the new year.

Until next time. Keep writing!

Congratulations to Our Last Minute Authors

As usual, there were a rush of submissions during the last week of the challenge. Here are the authors who made it in just under the wire!

To view a list of all authors who completed this round of the challenge, visint the Hall of Fame.

Stay tuned for a final post regarding Round 8, as well as banners for the authors who completed the challenge.

By: twilightladies
These are my submissions for the Twilight Twenty-five challenge, round eight. 25 prompts in three months, 300-500 words each. Rated M, just in case.

Pulse – The Twilight Twenty-Five – Round Eight
By: rubyblue9696
My collection of flash fiction (300-500 words) per The Twilight Twenty-Five Round Eight Prompts – Stand-alone multi-chapters – Edward/Bella (mostly if not all :] ) – This is my first time doing this so…you know…word… WARNING: OVER 18 ONLY FOR LANGUAGE/LEMONS, ETC.

Augenblicke – The Twilight 25
By: TiramiSue84
The Twilight 25 – Round 8: 25 prompts to inspire 25 stand-alone stories between 300-500 words each. Canon/OOC; drama, angst, romace, humor – everything is possible. Rated ‘M’ just in case… Mostly Edward/Bella

Snapshots – The Twilight 25 – Round 8
By: sparklymeg
A collection of Flash-fiction for Round 8 of the Twilight 25 Challenge. 300-500 word drabbles based on photo prompts. This is not a continuous story, each chapters is stand-alone. Various pairings, AH, AU, Rated M just in case.

ORS 163:465 – The Twilight Twenty-five: Round Eight
By: twilly
Bigger than a drabble. Smaller than a oneshot. Twenty-five 300-500 word flashes based on photo prompts in three months.

Moments Like These
By: Glitterb1234
A series of 25 unconnected flash fiction pieces based on photo prompts for The Twilight 25: Round 8. 300-500 words each, various characters, mixed AU/Canon/AH/Vampfic

Twilight 25 – Round Eight – Essential Moments
By: 2Shaes
Here are my entries for the Twilight 25 Challenge. The challenge, 25 flash fics using picture prompts. Some will be journal entries, others life changing moments in time. All will feature residents of La Push in one way or another.

Vignette Effect
By: bebeginja
Twenty-five flashfics in three months. Each story 300-500 words, all unrelated to each other. Based on prompts for the Twilight Twenty-Five challenge, Round 8. *All mistakes are mine. I do not claim ownership of any of the Twilight characters.”

Intermittent Flashes – The Twilight 25, Round 8
By: amandac3
The Twilight Twenty-Five is a challenge to write 25 pieces of fiction based on predetermined prompts within a three month period. For Round 8, all pieces of work must be flash fiction. This challenge defines flash fiction as containing between 300 and 500 words. This is not a multi-chapter story, each chapter stands alone. Ratings and characters vary, see A/N’s for details.

Twilight 25: Round 8
By: purelyamuse
Flash fiction written using the Twilight 25 Round 8 prompts. Ratings are posted with each entry. No specific pairings, though most are Jake/Bella and Edward/Bella.

Life’s Little Moments Twilight 25 Round 8
By: MinaRivera
A challenge to write complete twenty-five flashes – 300 to 500 words each – based on predetermined prompts within a 3 months period. Entries must not relate to each other or other published works. Each chapter will have a different rating. Canon Pairings. All Human.

Bittersweet Bites – The Twilight Twenty-Five: Round 8
By: miairii
A collection of twenty-five flash fiction entries written for the Twilight 25 Round 8 challenge. Various pairings and settings.

By: AngelycDevil
My submissions for the Twilight Twenty-five challenge, Round Eight. 25 picture prompts, three months, 300-500 words each. Rated M, just in case. Anything goes.

The Twilight 25 Challenge Round 8
By: maxandmo
Round 8 is a flash fiction round: 300-500 words based on prompts. Wish me luck, I’m a little rusty! www (dot) thetwilight25 (dot) com

By: lellabeth
My submissions for the Twilight Twenty-five challenge, round eight. 25 prompts, three months, 300-500 words each. Rated M, just in case.

In a Flash (Twilight 25-Round 8)
By: Maddie-the-Muse
Written for The Twilight Twenty-Five Challenge, Round 8 (September 1-November30, 2013). The challenge is to write 25 pieces in three months, each between 300-500 words, all based on photo prompts. Each chapter is a different prompt entry.

Twilight Twenty-Five Round 8
By: Melendine
My entry for round 8. I’ve now finished. The majority are slash, so if you don’t like m/m love this probably isn’t the story for you. No lemons. Disclaimer; SM owns the characters.

Round 8 Has Officially Ended

Round 8 has now ended. If you’ve submitted your work within the last week, please give us another day or so to validate your entries.